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Wholesale Fabric By The Bolt

We make it easy for fabric stores and online fabric websites to purchase wholesale fabric in a quantity that suits your business needs.

Welcome to Fabric Merchants, we sell wholesale fabric by the bolt – so that you can order wholesale fabric in the quantity you require, at fantastic wholesale prices. We have a large variety of fabric bolts in various sizes available. We are one of very vey dedicated wholesale fabric stores that sell online fabric bolts with true wholesale pricing.

15 Yard Wholesale Fabric Bolts

Our most popular fabric bolt size for stores

The vast majority of our wholesale fabric is available in our very popular fabric bolt size for stores of 15 yards. 15-yard wholesale fabric bolts are a perfect balance between cost and quantity, ensuring you can stock a wide variety of fabrics within your store.

10 Yard Wholesale Fabric Bolts

Great for thicker fabrics.

For thicker fabrics, such as wool 10 yards are the normally the best size of fabric bolt. The 10 yard fabric bolt is a good compromise for shipping and weight when dealing with thicker and heavier fabrics. You still get all the advantages of storing your fabric on a bolt.

Flat Folds

A great way to offer special offers or upsells in your store. Our flat fold are bundles that are generally 50 yards and sold as assortments where each piece ranges anywhere from one to 7 yards but usually averages in the 3 yard range giving the value shopper a wider assortment to choose from.

Why Are Fabric Bolts Popular?

The best way for fabric businesses to purchase fabric.

  1. Organization and Storage: Fabric Bolts allow for easy storage and organization of fabrics. By wrapping fabric around a bolt, stores can efficiently use their space, stacking bolts vertically or horizontally on shelves. This system makes it easier to categorize fabrics by type, color, pattern, or designer.
  2. Preservation of Fabric Quality: Wrapping fabric around a bolt helps in preserving the fabric’s quality. It prevents creases, wrinkles, and damage that could occur if the fabrics were stored folded or in piles. This way, fabrics remain in pristine condition until they are sold and used.
  3. Ease of Display and Browsing: Wholesale Fabric Bolts provide a uniform way to display fabrics, making it easier for customers to browse selections. Fabrics can be presented with the end of the fabric (the selvage) visible, showing the pattern or color without needing to unfold the entire fabric. This presentation makes it visually appealing and convenient for customers to shop.
  4. Simplifies Cutting and Measuring: When fabric is on a bolt, it’s easier for store employees to measure and cut the fabric for customers. The bolt provides a stable base that can be easily unrolled on a cutting table, and measurements can be taken more accurately compared to fabric that is folded or loose.
  5. Marketing and Visual Appeal: Fabric Bolts can enhance the visual appeal of a fabric store, creating a colorful and organized shopping environment. The uniformity of fabric bolts aligned on shelves can be aesthetically pleasing, drawing customers into the store and encouraging them to explore the variety of fabrics available.
  6. Information Display: Bolts often have labels that provide essential information about the fabric, such as the content, width, care instructions, and price per yard or meter. This information is crucial for customers making purchasing decisions and can be easily attached to the end of a bolt for quick reference.
  7. Efficiency in Inventory Management: Using bolts standardizes the way fabric is stored and managed, simplifying inventory processes. Store owners can more easily track how much fabric they have on hand, manage reordering, and assess which fabrics are popular or need to be discounted to move inventory.

In summary, fabric bolts are popular in fabric stores due to their practicality in storage and organization, preservation of fabric quality, ease of display and handling, and the benefits they offer in marketing, customer service, and inventory management.

How Do I Purchase Fabric Bolts at Fabric Merchants?

We try to make purchasing fabric bolts at Fabric Merchants as easy as possible.

Firstly sign up for a Wholesale account at https://www.fabricmerchants.com/register/

Then simply visit one of our product pages and select the total yardage you require (see box 1 in the attached screenshot). We will cut the fabric into the appropriate bolt size depending on the fabric thickness. You can always view the bolt size we use for each fabric as it will be detailed in the fabric description (see box 2 on the screenshot).

If you purchase more than 1 bolt of wholesale fabric you will always get a discount! See our discount tiers for the appropriate discount level.

If you have any questions just pop onto our chat for assistance or send us an email at sales@fabricmerchants.com

Happy shopping!

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Double Brushed Tropical Floral Black

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Milana Double Brushed Poly Black

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Double Brushed Cheetah Light Brown/Black

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Nylon Spandex Black Solid

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Rayon Abstract Line Pattern Red/White

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Digital Nylon Spandex Watermelon Neon Pink/Red

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Double Brushed Ditsy Floral Pink

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Modal Spandex Wild Meadow Baby Pink

SKU: 42-15493

Wool Melton Coating Ruby

SKU: 22-8116

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