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Wholesale Fabric By The Bolt

We make it easy for stores to purchase wholesale fabric in a quantity that suits your business needs.

Welcome to Fabric Merchants, we sell wholesale fabric by the bolt – so that you can order wholesale fabric in the quantity you require, at fantastic wholesale prices. We have a large variety of fabric bolts in various sizes available.

15 Yard Wholesale Fabric Bolts

Our most popular fabric bolt size for stores

Our most popular fabric bolt size for stores. 15-yard bolts are a perfect balance between cost and quantity, ensuring you can stock a wide variety of fabrics within your store.

25 Yard Wholesale Fabric Bolts

Great savings for popular fabrics

25-yard fabric bolts are great for those popular fabrics that sell quickly. With a slightly reduced cost per yard,  it’s a great way to get an added saving on those best-selling fabrics.

5 Yard Cuts

A great way to try out some new fabrics

Want to test out new fabric choices? Or increase your fabric selection in a very cost-effective way? Then our end of roll wholesale 5 yard fabric cuts are the way to do it. We have a large range of 5-yard cuts available at great prices.

Flat Folds

A great way to offer special offers or upsells in your store. Our flat fold are bundles that are generally 50 yards and sold as assortments where each piece ranges anywhere from one to 7 yards but usually averages in the 3 yard range giving the value shopper a wider assortment to choose from.

Color Cards

This Week’s Best Selling Wholesale Fabric Bolts

Double Brushed Candy Canes on Pink

Double Brushed Trees on Ivory

Double Brushed Hot Coco

Double Brushed Snowfall Blue/Gold

Stretch Velvet Red

Double Brushed Christmas Plaid Red/Green

Fleece Solids Brown

Double Brushed Buffalo Plaid Trees White/Green/Red

Wool Jersey Knit Solid Eggplant

Double Brushed Buffalo Plaid White/Black

Double Brushed Poly Solid Eggplant

Milana Double Brushed Poly Wine

Favorite Fabrics For Stores

Some of our most popular fabric categories

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