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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Fabric Merchants!

Fabric Merchants, Inc. was established in 1995. We specialize in supplying fabric stores, manufacturers, and designers worldwide with a full range of fashion apparel fabrics, cotton knit prints, and a full range of all woven and knitted fabrics. We manufacture textiles domestically and overseas to give our customers the best value possible. We also specialize in flat fold bundles, double and rolled categories, basic woven and knitted re-orderable solids, spandex prints and solids, and much more.

We operate out of a 25,000 square foot warehouse in the center of the textile manufacturing district in Los Angeles, CA. Our staff maintains the highest level of perfection possible in the Industry. Fabric Merchants, Inc. has millions of yards of fabric always in stock and is ready to serve all of your wholesale needs.

This website was designed to show you our current fabric releases as well as all of our better selling apparel fabrics. Pricing information is not disclosed until a wholesale application is submitted and approved. For more information click our “Become A Customer” link! 

Fabric Merchants sells to fabric stores, distributors, and designers worldwide. Our minimum order is $250.00 per order excluding freight. If you are unable to meet the minimum, you may reach out to us for the nearest store that carries our products.

Please contact us at and describe the nature of your request. We receive a large number of requests, so please be patient and know that not all requests can be honored.

“Put Up” is simply how we offer and ship the fabric. You will see on our site DR 15 or DR 25. We offer 15 yard bolts of fabric and 25 yard bolts that are double folded ( DR: typical for fabric stores). We also sell fabric ROT 50s. ROT means Rolled on tubes. There are many fabrics on our site that we can ship a 50 yard roll of. This “put up” is very common for designers.

Based on a huge demand and quick turnaround of fabric, we do not offer samples until pre-approved for wholesale purchasing. Once approved, re-orderable color cards are available for purchase.

Please click the link “Become a Customer” and our Sales Team will review your application and issue you an account number if approved! 

We have a quick turnaround in fabric and do not offer samples until pre-approved for wholesale. Please let us know the type of fabric you are looking for and quantity you are seeking, so that we can determine how best to serve your needs.

Our minimum order is $250.00 excluding freight.

Please email us at so that we can better assist you or contact Victoria in our sales office at 323-267-0010

Yes! We are located on 1430 S. Grande Vista and are open to the public.

We require a $250.00 minimum per order, minimum 15 yard yardage cuts. HOWEVER: you can purchase smaller cuts of fabric in our Retail Outlet Store adjacent to our warehouse.

You can always visit our Warehouse Retail Outlet and buy our fabrics at low retail prices without minimums.

It typically depends on the size of the order, orders ship anywhere from the same day to as long as 2 weeks out.

This is how the order is packaged and sold to customers. It can be either F/F, D/R, or ROT.

The fabric is folded on our state of the art “Measuregraph” machines on fabric reels. Usually, 15 yards are on a reel or on a bolt of fabric.

These are bundles that are generally 50 yards and sold as assortments where each piece ranges anywhere from one to 7 yards but usually averages in the 3 yard range giving the value shopper a wider assortment to choose from. The more yards a customer buys the more styles the customer gets.

The fabric is rolled on a 60-inch long tube. All fabrics start out ROT and we re-pack them depending on how the supplier delivers them and the customer’s needs.

Instead of buying assorted, you may choose specific fabrics, colors and prints at a regular price. For instance, you can buy a 15 yard cut, hand select them, and pick 10 different looks. If you want something very specific for your business, then this is what Fabric Merchants recommend for you.

Rather than selecting a specific color or print, Fabric Merchants offer the option of buying a group of the best selling patterns at a much discounted price. The retailer then has a wider assortment of looks and lowers their cost in turn getting higher gross profit margins. You may also choose to break up the assortment yourself and merchandise them by look or by price. Example: you can get an assortment of Fabric Merchants’ children’s conversational prints. You will in turn get many of the best selling new looks at a reduced price since you are buying pre-packed cases. We guarantee no duplicates! Save time and money, let us give you an assortment and you can save up to 20% per yard. This is our best selling option yet!

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